About us

Ferland & Associates Rehabilitation Inc. is a rehabilitation  corporation serving Eastern Ontario focused on providing Occupational  Therapy assessments and treatment programs to individuals who have been  injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident, workplace accident or  other traumatic event.  Leveraging over 17 years of experience in the  industry, Ferland & Associates is committed to working with all  stakeholders including injured parties, family members, legal  representatives and insurance companies to ensure injured client needs  are assessed and addressed in a holistic manner with a focus on empathy,  thoroughness and expedience. 

Professionals at Ferland &  Associates Rehabilitation Inc. are networked with a number of local  providers who share the same values with respect to the delivery of  superior client care.  We understand that a traumatic injury does not  only result in physical symptoms and limitations but may also develop  into a number of psychological and cognitive issues.  Experience in  identifying these needs and referring to the appropriate health  professional is of outmost importance when developing a high impact  treatment intervention program which will address these complex issues  in tandem.​